Our mission

Women with textured hair are no longer looking to just deal with it. They are looking to be inspired. They want to be empowered to wear their hair naturally one day and relaxed the next or even both naturally and relaxed simultaneously. At Ashanti Naturals we are dedicated to researching our consumer desires, innovating and expanding our product lines with high quality and reasonably priced products that reach your needs. We are pleased to present all new natural products for both skin and hair care.

All of our products are formulated with a high concentration of natural ingredients to maximize the health of skin and hair and avoid inflicting damage. Our products are packed with natural moisturizers that keep dryness away and protect skin from harsh weather any time of the year. The movement toward natural hair, whether natural hair weave of all-natural styles, is making black consumers a lot more conscious about ingredients. They are looking to restore damaged hair and make it healthy - and they're looking for results.

Help people in Ghana to fight poverty

Since most of the Ashanti Naturals products are manufactured in Ghana, Africa by local communities you can help them by buying from us. Natural Cosmetics manufacturing is a traditional type of labor for women in that region. Our mission is not only to give you the best natural product but also empower women of West African region by providing them with employment.