Shea Butter’s stands the test of time!

As trends come and go, the appeal of African sub-Saharan vitellaria paradoxa, which is more commonly referred to as shea butter, stands the test of time.

Coveted around the world for centuries, the commerical value of the shea nut, which is indigenous to Senegal, Ethiopia and Uganda, continues to be far reaching. A plethora of products are produced globally using the shea butter nut and its extracted oils in the manufacturing of other products. From lotions to shampoos, from cosmetics to ointments, shea butter has in the past and in the present is used to spur the effectiveness of pharmaceutical and beauty enhancing products.

One of the most sought after derivatives of the shea tree nut is unprocessed shea butter. Rich in Vitamens A, E an F, unprocessed shea butter has no chemicals added. providing a purer cream that is less likely to cause skin irritation and heightened effectiveness in relieving dry skin, evening out the skin tone and undermining other demarcations like stretch marks.

Like any other product, the quality and effectiveness of shea butter can vary depending on the product’s producers and distributors. A worst case scenario would be to purchase a shea butter product that is actually rancid. However, when proper care is given, the powers of the karite tree nut have garnered praise for centuries.

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