Ashanti Naturals Empowers Women

Here at Ashanti Naturals, empowering women across the globe is at the heart of our core values. It all starts in Ghana, Africa, where the indigenous women and young girls of the region carefully and most skillfully pick the shea nuts straight off of the Karite tree and begin the butter making process. For hundreds of years, making shea butter has been the duty and the task of the African women, with the instructions and processes being passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Many women from Ghana rely on selling their shea butter as a means to acquire income and provide food for their families and as a way to gain economic independence from men. The women also take it upon themselves to make shea butter for their own personal use, using the butter as protection for their skin and hair from the dry sun during the Harmattan season.

In Ghana, many women sit together on the ground under a large tree for shade and embark on the shea butter production process together. It has become customary for women of all ages, ranging from the elderly women to girls as young as ten, to sit together and partake in making shea butter. Interestingly, it has grown to become a somewhat social interaction, since many of the local women find pride and happiness in making the butter together and in helping one another along the way. It gives all of us over at Ashanti Naturals great joy to know that we are helping the women of Ghana, Africa in combating poverty and providing these amazing women with labor that will help them in providing food for their families, gaining financial stability, and allowing them to sustain a higher quality of life.

Ashanti Naturals strives to empower more than just the women of Ghana. Fly 4,968 miles from Ghana over to New York, where we use this raw, unrefined shea butter as a primary ingredient in producing many of the best natural products in the world. With a vast range of products that span from unrefined shea butters and African black soaps to raw cocoa butters and natural body oils, the Ashanti Naturals products were not only created to serve as great natural body soaps and butters, but are here to empower women who have been suppressed by the beauty industry for far too long. We do not believe in the mainstream cosmetic brand’s picture of beauty. Ashanti Naturals is here to say that WE are naturally beautiful. That textured hair is nothing to cover up. As a matter of fact, we want to flaunt it; to embrace the gorgeous coils, kinks, and curls. We must unleash our inner beauty and let the goddess in us breathe free. Ashanti Naturals is here to empower every woman from Ghana to New York to achieve success, feel naturally beautiful, and to have the confidence to take over the world. Try Ashanti Naturals products today!