What is Shea Butter and the Benefits of it.

One of the most common questions in the natural products industry is always “what is the difference between yellow and white shea butter?” Ashanti Naturals is here to give you an easy and simple answer: absolutely NOTHING! While shea butter naturally comes in the white-colored form, the yellow color is achieved by adding a yellow-colored organic root dye into the mix during the butter’s milling process. The yellow color ultimately takes over the white color and leaves the butter with a beautiful, vibrant yellow hue. Although both the white and the yellow butter serve as a great natural moisturizer for the body and hair, the product color choice boils down to consumer preference.

The addition of yellow shea butter to the market stems from a marketer’s approach to create a more appealing product. Rather than have customers walk past a bland, Ivory colored shea butter package, shea butter producers chose to create a more eye-catching, brighter colored butter that will entice and grab the attention of the consumers. Ashanti Naturals proudly boasts a comprehensive range of amazing products made from both unrefined white and unrefined yellow natural African shea butter. The benefits of shea butter are absolutely incredible and include moisturizing, hydrating, and rejuvenating the skin and hair, allowing the body to absorb maximum moisture, while soothing and calming many skin conditions and rashes. Ashanti Naturals solid, chunky, and creamy shea butter are also perfect for styling and hydrating textured hair and can be incorporated into many DIY home shea butter recipes as well as the L.O.C. hair method.

Unleash your natural beauty and let your best and most natural self-breathe free by using Ashanti Naturals products every day for your body and your hair.