Where Can I Find Creamy Shea Butter?

Shea butter is known for its amazing soothing properties and has been in use by the people of Africa for generations. This yellow or ivory hued butter comes from Shea nut tree, also known as the Karite tree, that grows all along western Africa. The method in which this butter is extracted is by drying out the nut and grinding it. This powder is then boiled until it rises and solidifies. If you ask yourself this question, “Where can I find creamy Shea butter?”, you’re in luck. Ashanti Naturals sells creamy and bulk Shea butter at a wholesale price.
From unrefined Shea butter to Ashanti Naturals, you’ll find the perfect product for you or your business. The Shea Aroma collection arouses the senses with delightful smells while still offering the incredible properties of Shea butter. Each jar is infused with all natural ingredients such as real coco mango and lemongrass lime. The Pink Sugar variety contains vanilla, strawberry, caramel, and licorice to tickle your senses and bring you back to your childhood.

All our creamy Shea butter varieties have the same effects and have a number of uses. They can be used as hair pomade to soothe dry hair and bring back its luster, moisturizing the scalp and relaxing the hair growth. Shea butter can also be applied to dry patches on the body and bring back the moisture your body needs. If you’d love to try out Shea butter for yourself, contact us. We’ll give you the details about our products and their quality.